Featured Artists for Michigan Ceramics 2017

Congratulations to all the artists who have been accepted into Michigan Ceramics 2017. We look forward to seeing all the beautiful and inspirational work at the March 3rd reception at Valade Family Gallery at CCS.

Established Artists

Artists with more than 10 years experience:

Susan O’Connor
Alixandra Cunningham
Alec Smith
Ann Tubbs
Pamela Day
Mark Chatterley
James Adair
Tom Phardel
Benjamin Lambert
Craig Hinshaw
Julie Devers
Catherine Stasevich
John Albert Murphy
Brian Kakas
Larry Elliott
David Nelson
Marcia Polenberg
Greg Stahly
Firth MacMillan
Christine Laginess
Frank Fisher
Paul Kotula
Lynne Chytilo
Elizabeth Luri
Susanne Stephenson
Blake Williams

Emerging Artist

Artists with less than 10 years experience:

Sean Larson
Gina Pisto
E. Ingrid Tietz
Christopher  Dean
Monica Wilson
Tom Szmrecsanyi
Sarah Olmsted
Steven  Johnson
Stephanie Galli

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