Christopher Dean is a graduate of North Central Michigan College, Petoskey.  Christopher will be attending Northern Michigan University this fall.

[us_testimonial style="2" author="Christopher Dean" company=""]My goals in the study of ceramics are, to me, quite simple; I want clay to be my life! I want the teaching and learning, procurement and eventual sale of ceramic to be my career and profession.
I have realized through these past few years at North Central Michigan College, that furthering my education at a four-year institute, might be the most direct and logical path to achieving these goals. I feel that I have gone the limits of my home town college and am ready to begin the course work for a Bachelors of Ceramic Arts.[/us_testimonial]

Denise Widen is attending Henry Ford College in Dearborn.  One of her passions is wood firing.

[us_testimonial style="2" author="Denise Widen" company=""]My personal goals with continued work in the ceramic arts are multiple. I hope to continue working as long as it takes to develop a recognizable and cohesive aesthetic in my work. I have been working for 3 years at HFC College, doing mainly what I consider exploratory work. This autumn will mark the beginning of my 4th year of study of the ceramic medium.[/us_testimonial]