The MCAA board is trying something new.  We are hosting an invitational tableware show.  This is an additional event we are adding this year to fill the gap between our regular annual events that were distrupted by COVID. It is different from the Michigan Ceramics Exhibitions, in the sense that all work will be for sale, and the goal is to encourage and promote the incredible functional pottery currently created in Michigan.  This is an MCAA Board invitational.  The MCAA board will be selecting among the many skilled potters living and working in Michigan.

The MCAA is presenting an exhibition of tableware at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) in West Bloomfield.  Dinnerware, teapots, vases, center pieces, platters, cups and mugs!  The Janice Charach Gallery at JCC is a 6000 sq. ft. space that is very conducive to displayed work.  The gallery has regular business hours with a good amount of foot traffic. The exhibition will be October 24 through December 9, 2021.  We are excited about the variety and skilled artists that we have to choose from, in Michigan.  We are striving for this to be a robust, selective, and geographically-inclusive (all of Michigan) showing of ceramic work.

All invited participants must be MCAA members. If you are a functional potter (or any other ceramic artist or supporter), it is a great time to renew your membership. Individual memberships are $30. (Visit our webpage for further benefits of membership).

DelecTable: A Celebration of Michigan Functional Potters

Who:  Selected functional potters residing in Michigan

How:  Nominated by you and by invitation of the current MCAA board of directors

When:  October 24 – December 9, 2021

Where:  The Jewish Community Center, 6600 Maple Rd, West Bloomfield, MI  48322

Why:  To support and promote the great ceramic work currently created in Michigan and a fundraiser for MCAA

This is a show and sale for the functional potters out there!  (just in time for the early holiday shoppers)

We are very excited about this event and view it as a great opportunity to promote the ceramic arts in Michigan and the MCAA.